The EV Cover-Up

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Tennessean editor told me that a Gannett Reporter got on 18 miles per charge on the Leaf when the AC was on full blast 70 miles per hour and the radio on.  ???  Does that make sense.
They're actually asking NISSAN for another Leaf to "redo" the experiment.   He said "they did not know about the research facility in Mountain View" but like you said it made sense.  CNN article said Leaf only got 50 miles per charge in city driving.

Looks like the Tennessean and the USA today are definiatly working on a story   
Thanks  Sharyn

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Yes, that can totally happen.

I think I told you about the Ford Ranger EV truck.  In optimum conditions it would get around 75 miles per charge.  However, in a worst case senario, winter time, heater on, defroster on, wipers on, lights on, radio on, cell phone charging, the range dropped to 25 miles.  So that means you could drive 30 miles to work in the morning, a blizzard hits and you will NOT make it home.

If a leaf driver puts everything possible on and speeds at 70, you can watch the battery charge go down like a rock. ........................

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This is good. Thanks. 

-----Original Message----- From: Sharyn Bovat [] Sent: Thursday, April 14, 2011 7:53 AM To: Silverman, Mark Subject: Leaf battery Mark ******************* ............ R & D engineer currently at nissan Confirmed it's the same.battery technology I asked him if it was possible to get less than 20 mpc This guy is GREEN and a Californian whose so mad at the DOE and he's becoming right wing. This car is a rolling disaster. He said fords new battery cooling system should take Care of some of the leafs problems. But does not see ev's succeeding in "most" of America. Also he said hydrogen MUCH better. FYI Nissan (did not encourage those that worked on EV to move to tn) ghosn said it was useless. Then "something" changed his mind. Most likely the "free" money. So for NIssan Now to open An EV R & D in mountain view ca makes sense. I could "rant" about the wasted money and the money they "burned" marketing it but you've heard that from me before Also, from another source due to the "lack" of intellectual property some higher paying positions are going. TN might be called the HQ but it will slowly be a back office. Too bad if the good ole boys hired "qualified" people that might not have hppened. I want to work where they're harboring the smart people. Have a great day!! Sharyn


Current Concern:
  Quick chargers should not be built until America has one plug in standard for fast chargers. 

Too much money is being wasted and  Gannett remains silent
??? WHY President Obama's Pet Project

??? WHY
  Americans are suffering in this bad economy.   The people need the  press to ask the tough questions and to report the news that will promote better
use of taxpayer spending 

???  WHY is "this" issue not read about in the Gannett owned Tennessean.......Also, jobs will NOT be created as promised.  


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Also, one of our business reporter has been test driving a Leaf all week. He almost was stranded because battery life isn't what it's supposed to be, even when new.  Story to come in a week or two.
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There's a reason why your reporter almost got stranded. Update below!!!
OMG!!!  Just talked to LA ...*********************************... 
This is funny i said "i wanted to live in a city where i don't need a car"....   Please don't repeat that.   I did follow up by saying i'd get a Z "if" i got the job  :):)   I hate the zig zag head lights so thinking of getting  a "vintage" Z.  
Have a Great Day!!!!
Nissan battery degradation update...  UPDATE
The outdated battery technology nissan is using is "un predictable" with real
range for the first year. It needs a minimum if 100 charges and discharges to
"stabalize"   Thus the range reader will go from 95 miles to 75 miles in a
matter of minutes...  Creating unpredictable expectations. 
Then after the first year it degragates to about 85%  then in year 4 it's about
60%  so by 2015 those driving with NO ac or heat driving and driving at the
"preferred" style & speed will ONLY get 60 miles per charge...   In the real
world  most drivers will get only 45 miles per charge in 2015. 
What nissan needs to do is to have a heating and cooling system to protect the
battery from degradation.   Get this!!!  They're planning on blaming degradation
on the "quick chargers" 
OK....   I'm sure Mr. Tavares is fixing the problem.
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sorry Mark-1.jpgI've been TRYING to save taxpayer money for over 2 YEARS...  ??? Why is it STILL wasted.

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FYI...I sent this to our business editor. -----Original Message----- From: Silverman, Mark Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2011 6:49 PM To: McClain, Randy Subject: FW: Message to Gannett/Tennessean's editor Mark Silverman Randy, This is clearly not the first time issues surrounding the Leaf's battery have been raised. With the Congressional stalemate over the federal budget, we should revisit the issues of the battery and the federal support it receives. Let's discuss. Mark -----Original Message----- From: Sharyn Bovat [] Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2011 6:36 PM To: Silverman, Mark Subject: Message to Gannett/Tennessean's editor Mark Silverman Mr. Silverman, When reviewing your messages to me YOU were blowing me off. That scared me because you're the editor of the largest paper in Tennessee. The Renault Three have been deemed innocent and have been vindicated in large part due to the actions of the French media, this week It became obvious the Tennessean was not going to write about my whistle blowing and harassment i've received due in large part of my vocal concerns about the EV. The accused Renault executives had some of the same concerns about the electric cars unknowns. The falsley accuaed spies were lucky for in Paris the press asked Renault questions, this forcing transparency. America has funded Carlos Ghosn's EV dream with over a billion dollars of DOE loans-stimulas money and other taxpayer funded sources. Soon Congress will try to pass a budget that "ups the ante" and in my mind that puts too much American taxpayer money on the table. The funds for subsidies need to go to "cars that people will want to buy" The Leaf battery was created in the 90's. It's already proven in "real world" driving that it did not meet the 100 miles per charge expectations. Also ghosn says he'd have to sell a million of them before the Leaf will become "profitable". That's Not going to happen with that design and the inconsistant range. Current Concern: Quick chargers should not be built until America has one plug in standard for fast chargers. Too much money is being wasted and YOUR paper remains silent. ??? WHY Americans are suffering in this bad economy. The people need the press to aak the tough questions and to report the news that will promote better use of taxpayer spending Please read Thank you sir and have a great night!!! Peace and Reapect Sharyn Bovat
  • the below email went to a LOT of people
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    Bonjour French Consulate!!!!

    Ghosn admits in this the leaf is currently NOT affordable with  there old technology 
    ???  What no subsidies in India
    Battery Degradation is BIG problem for the leaf.  
    Nissan would go bankrupt if they really made 150k of these in the usa next year in 
    tennessee  like they told the government. Nissan took over 1 billion dollars.   

       if they really sell 50k of these this year like they promised that's a BIG drain with the 
    Long term liability due to the factnthe batteries on each car will have to be replaced .

    Of the 50k global sales That number allows for 20k sales in the USA    The reality 
    is Nissan stopped taking reservations AFTER the $99 fully refundable deposits reservations
     hit the 20,000 mark.  

    Get this I was told that some reservations were made with the intention of not following 
    thru on purchase 
    Thus 20k cars will not be on American roads.
    ???  How many will really be on the road in 2011 ...  My guess 3-4k 
    ????  Why do we need so many chargers that primarily only work with the leaf
     when it was "built to fail".  
    It looks like FRAUD !!!!   Solution!!!!
    ???  Let's  get an "audit" done to make sure all 20k leaf orders in America  are "sincere"
    My "thought" 
    The Renault 3 Are engineers who are "ethical" they complained about Ghosn's scam
      they are innocent!!!!
    A lot of people have read "my thoughts" on the charger situation and TODAY at Davos
    Ghosn is "back tracking" trying to "stay face"  he said the world needs 1 plug system for 
    ???  Sir if YOU cared YOU should have thought about that earlier inAmerica
     BEFORE you wasted my tax dollars.  Mr Tavares is an engineer he can work out HOW to 
    solve this problem without false promises
    Ghosn MUST Go NOW!!!!




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