The Tennessean is Blind to Good Ole Boy Networks or Maybe the Editor Mark Silverman the Ben Bradlee Award Winner~Pulitzer Prize Nomeinee is "one of them" .... 

The Mainstream Media KNOWS that IRAN is Also Responsible for the Lockerbie Bombing and Remain Silent:  Information was "declassified by the DIA YEARS ago.  A Pentagon PA guy told Sharyn Bovat that "what" she had on her blog was OK.

Mark Silverman KNEW that Sharyn Bovat was bullied and did NOTHING...Sharyn was told that she was abused by the editor- She's still mulling on that... the fact is Mark Silverman has lied to her too many times.   This website is being UPDATED.....  Many people have told her that he was being her friend help a corrupt group of people... Bovat thinks that's false.  Mark told her he'd help her restore her image.  He had no control over the content of the Tennessean newspaper.  Mark Silverman at that time was the VP in charge of "content" still was the office in McLean dictating "what goes in the news" were people connected to John Seigenthaler and the 1st amendment center controlling "what goes in the news"... It there a "secret agreement" between ALL news sources to protect certain people?  Do certain people "control" the media.
Join Sharyn by reading this cite... See the opinions of others that have been abused by the "lack of reporting on stories that matter to society.  

June 1st:  After 2 days of emails & voice mails the Gannett/Tennessean editor Mark Silverman & Sharyn Bovat talked and Mr.Silverman respectfully understands the need for "this" website.  Mr. Silverman did say that issues in reference to corruption in the former Democratic Governorsoffice, bad spending of "green" money & Good Ole Boy networks are ALL on the "todo" list of the reporters of the Tennessean,that he was understaffed.  FYI-He told me "that" last January

Update November 4th: 
Mark almost got the Washington Times editor job.

The Gannett Editor did not try to communicate the wasteful spending of DOE money and he helped "cover up" the fact that "1" county in Middle Tennessee took out 3,950,000,000 in IDB bonds & the collateral for NISSAN's taxpayer funded DOE loan was secured by the taxpayer: NISSAN did not have the technology to make the product they got the money to make.  The taxpayers and the 99% of American's will suffer due to the negligence of Mark Silverman and Gannett.   401 K's will suffer and job creation will not happen in Tennessee.

"I Whistle blew about discrimination & wasteful spending of taxpayer money and members of a Good Ole Boy network aligned with former democratic governor Phil Bredesen had me arrested to discredit me....3 times." Sharyn Bovat

My name is Sharyn Bovat and I told Carlos Tavares the #2 at NISSAN globally about problems at Nissan in reference to racism and bad spending of taxpayer money. I then learned about fraud in reference to the EV. Because so many were corrupt the people I complained about had me arrested 3 times on "trumped up" charges … the retaliation for whistle blowing that I was receiving from a "Good Ole Boy" network connected to democratic Governor Phil Bredesen’s office and NISSAN executives connected to Carlos Ghosn included harassment, bullying, being jailed and more. For months I tried to get the attention of the Tennessean and had issued LOTS of press releases. Finally January 2011 the Editor of the largest paper in Tennessee the Gannett owned Tennessean Mark Silverman met with me and he listened to my problems & "he thought I was cute". OMG!!! Just what I needed "A frisky editor". Mark Silverman got the Ben Bradlee award on March 1st. He got a Pulitzer Prize nomination and he got "me". I knew he was abusing me but I had too. I feared Tennessee was "out to get me". A lot of racist hypocrites live in Tennessee and they’re in local and state government. They scare me. I want to move…. ??? Did I mention that I was the top RELOCATION consultant in Middle Tennessee.

I told Carlos Tavares I was a former research worker & a "behind the scenes" person.... He understood WHAT that meant.   Mark Silverman did not "get it" in fact he still doesn't.

America NEEDS Press that Reports the News, sadly there's a reason WHY there is so much STEALTH RACISM in the South and it's not the Republicans fault.   Bottom Line it's 'Good Ole Boy' Greed..... and they come in BOTH political parties.....  

Sorry Silverman I was told "Skirts Don't Speak" on the executive floor at NISSAN North America and I spoke and have been bullied, harassed, & jailed in Middle Tennessee and YOUR paper has done NOTHING. 

Sir, I'm fighting for HUMAN DECENCY!!!!

On Sun, May 22, 2011 at 9:27 PM, <> wrote:

Curious, How bad would it be if it got out about our friendship ???

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On May 23, 2011, at 3:47 PM, mark silvermanm <> wrote:

Very, very bad. it would mean we'd have to end the friendship and would cause me a tremendous amount of problems. Id like to stay friends but we couldn't..

On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 7:00 PM, Sharyn Bovat <> wrote:
I'm tired of fighting "good ole boys".... The Tennessean has done/wrutten NOTHING about a whistleblower being jailed 3 times or even written about the PROVEN  discrimination against women, and gays.

It's sad that in America "scandals" are covered by the press more than inhuman treatment of people by corporations and in this case Nissan has wasted taxpayer money. All the "proof" of wasted DOE money and your reporters ignore it.   

Sorry you can't be friends with someone who is simply doing what's right for society.   

If I get the Nissan CSR/Diversity job I'll let the designers know your wife LOVES her. Infiniti G.   OMG!!!  Why did you tell me about "that". 

??? Did you think you were teflon.     

After the "storm" hits your wife will forgive you just  like you said she did before.  

It's disgusting that you tried to take advantage of someone (a whistlebliwer) who met with you to get the message out to the masses about a problem that affects the community.  

Mark Siverman
I'm fighting for HUMAN DECENCY & there's a saying 
"Payback is a Bitch"....

The bitches name is Sharyn
(see YOU in court:):)

Tennessee needs Press  the reports the news...  ???  Maybe Soon "that" can happen.

Have a good week

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On May 23, 2011, at 7:12 PM, mark silvermanm <> wrote:


It's the politics. I want to be friends, but I cant be publically friends with someone who blogs on national politics. Thats the thing. We can have any kind if friendship,but not publically when it comes to politics.I would like to still be friends.


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Finally YOU admit Your in bed with Obama.... It's about time you came out of the closet. :):)

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The Tennessean is owned by Gannett

Some of MY blogs viewer are CANCELING their subscriptions.....

They UNDERSTAND that IMPORTANT News has been ignored by the largest paper in Tennessee and their NOT happy.....

Sharyn Bovat.....   615-415-6675

NISSAN Whistleblower Invited to Scottland: Iran "might" be responsible for the Lockerbie crash. On Saturday August 6th at Giovanni's in Nashville (while we enjoyed a nice bottle of Chianti) Mark Silverman told me that I could help give "closure" to the Lockerbie families.

CEO could have played a role in the cover up

Mark Silverman told Sharyn Bovat on December 21st, 2011 that he's tried to help her but can't.  The Ben Bradlee Award winning editor can't help get press or have someone simply ask Williamson County WHY a woman who whistle blew about fraud, discrimination & corruption in TN.  Sharyn Bovat is still being persecuted for a 1st time misdemeanor (over 17 months). 

It could be due to NISSAN's CEO Carlos Ghosn's connection to Iran and that it's embarrassing to President Obama that so much tax money has been wasted... more:

Welcome Nashville Scene Viewers!   call me w/any ?'s 615-415-6675

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